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The essence of trauma is disconnection

Traumatherapy re-connecting with yourself

A psychological one trauma (*mental wound) alienates us from our healthy parts. The alienation was once necessary to endure the pain of trauma. But unprocessed traumas are like open wounds causing exhaustion, loneliness and self-doubt.


Everyone deserves a life of respectful connection - to oneself & others. Working through the past enables you to re-establish this connection. Therefore, I am offering EMDR therapy as a scientifically approved & efficient psychotherapy.

I will guide you working through your wounds & fears with expertise, empathy, and a Safe Space.  

Don't let your precious time pass by and schedule an initial phone consultation to get to know each other.

My therapeutic work includes:

  • Post-trauma disorders, e.g. after an accident, abuse, childhood adversity 

  • Anxiety disorders e.g. social anxiety, fear of flying, animal phobias, fear of attachment

  • Pathological grief reaction

  • Desire for habit change e.g. eating habit for weight loss, black out during studies, quitting to smoke

  • Self-esteem problems e.g., related to body image, performance expectations or relationships

My therapeutic work
is built on 3 pillars 


which is characterized by appreciation, open-mindedness and authenticity. My counseling is a safe place for your story, without any taboos. I am bound by confidentiality, so your privacy is always protected.



also "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing" as a highly effective, scientifically proven psychotherapy method, that enables you to heal from traumatic experiences.  For a detailed explenation please click here

Holistc View

which shows that physical, mental & spiritual health are strongly connected to each other. Life crises often show up in all these areas and can be mastered by involving all of them.


My fees as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy are not covered by health insurance. The costs for counseling as well as therapy are covered by the clients themselves.


Ilknur Erkek
Private practice for psychotherapy (HeilprG)

Frühlingsstraße 8, 85748 Garching

E-Mail:           Tel: 0162 6128950

Contact only after online reservation or  by contact form


Thank You!

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